The presidents of Węglokoks S.A. (WKS) and Węglokoks Energia sp. z o.o. (WE) have signed a unique declaration of co-operation with the largest Polish university of technology, the AGH University of Science and Technology. The parties declared not only the will to co-operate, but also the free exchange of views and experience.

What is in the declaration? First of all there is the initiation of research and development works that suit the common interests of AGH, WKS and WE; including the starting up and running of projects to develop and implement innovative technological solutions, as well as undertaking individual and common efforts to obtain funds to complete these projects from national and European sources.

It will be also essential to promote co-operation between AGH, WKS and WE, to organise common conferences, events and workshops — all for the development of science and technology. The institutions are also planning to fulfil orders from the private and institutional sectors in the areas of specialisation for AGH and the Węglokoks Group companies, such as the capture and use of methane from coal beds, including methane from mine ventilation air.

This agreement also enables common applications for external funds, both national and international, for research and development works, the completion of projects as a partnership, the co-organisation of information meetings, workshops, seminars and training for companies and other institutions, as well as making available scientific potential with qualified personnel to commercialise and complete research and development works.

“The completion of research and implementation projects in the area of common interests, which are so numerous, is essential. In the whole wide world, science goes hand in hand with technology and industry. We are thus very happy with this milestone and the marriage of our institutions,” said Sławomir Obidziński, President of Węglokoks S.A.

“We want young talented people, like the AGH students, but also the highly qualified staff of the University to be our source of inspiration. In return, we can provide them with invaluable practical experience and show them that innovative ideas can be implemented quickly and efficiently, which we will enable in our companies,” added Jacek Boroń, President of Węglokoks Energia sp. z o.o.

Węglokoks S.A. owns the Węglokoks Capital Group, which includes steelworks, coal mines and energy companies. WE belongs to the Węglokoks Capital Group and operates in the heating and energy industries in the Śląskie and Małopolskie Provinces and provides industrial infrastructure services in mining extractive plants. AGH is a renowned university in the international scientific community, which performs research and educational activities in the field of exact sciences, which is foundational for the development of the most extensive range of applied sciences. Following global development trends, AGH establishes new study programs, while maintaining the classical programs that are necessary for the proper development of the nation. Since the beginning, AGH has been strongly linked with the national economy and local government units in heeding the call for the material servicing of the Polish economy and consultancy for national and local authorities.

From the left: Sławomir Obidziński, President of the Management Board, Węglokoks S.A., Prof. Jerzy Lis, PhD Eng., Jacek Boroń, Vice-President for Co-operation, AGH, President of the Management Board, Węglokoks Energia sp. z o.o.